Let's Get Ready

Am I covered?

OHIP covers yearly comprehensive eye exams for those 19 years and under, or 65 years and older. Adults between 20-64 may be covered if there are certain pre-existing health conditions or ocular disease. Otherwise, please check with your health benefit coverage, as we can direct bill to most insurance companies.

What to bring?

  • current eye glasses
  • OHIP card
  • Insurance health benefit card
  • list of medications
  • sunglasses

What to expect?

We ask that new patients arrive a few minutes earlier to fill out the necessary paper work. This is also a great time to prepare a list of questions you would like to ask Dr. Yew. As part of the routine exam, all adults are recommended to have their eyes dilated with eye drops. This is to ensure that Dr. Yew obtains a thorough look in the eye for a complete assessment of your eye health. Children generally do not receive dilating drops unless there is an indication to. The most common side effect of the dilating drops is blurred near vision and light sensitivity, lasting approximately 3-4 hours.