Do you need a Visual Skills Assessment?


From the strenuous visual demands of school and work, to unexpected head trauma or injury, our visual system can become fatigued or compromised. This may register as blur, headaches, double vision, and tiredness with prolonged use of the eyes, among other symptoms. Visual stress can make it significantly more difficult for you to concentrate and perform your daily tasks with ease, affecting overall performance and learning. This can be true even if you are able to see 20/20!

If this sounds like you, Dr. Yew may recommend a visual skills assessment. This assessment evaluates in more detail how you gather information with your visual system, examining closely your eye posture, focusing, peripheral awareness, and tracking abilities. Testing aims to detect any deviations of your visual system that may contribute to the symptoms you experience. If applicable, Dr. Yew may also recommend further testing into how visual information is processed, examining visual perceptual skills such as visual discrimination, laterality, and visual memory.  Testing is more extensive than what is done in a regular eye exam.

Following the visual skills assessment, Dr. Yew may recommend spectacle wear, vision therapy, or a combination of both for the treatment of your vision concerns.