Is Vision Therapy right for me?

Vision therapy, often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes, is an individually prescribed program of activities that aim to correct or improve specific visual dysfunctions. It provides one the opportunity to develop their visual system so that these learned skills can be applied to perform relevant tasks with greater efficiency and ease. It is a clinical approach to the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye), eye movement and tracking disorders, strabismus (eye turn), focusing difficulties, reduced depth perception, and visual-perceptual disorders, among others.

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The first step in the process is to undergo a visual skills assessment to detect any inefficiencies in your visual system. Following this, Dr. Yew will plan a vision therapy curriculum catered to your visual needs. One-on-one 50-minute vision therapy sessions will take place on a weekly basis, with progress evaluations taking place periodically. Your performance will be monitored closely so that exercises are made more difficult to encourage further improvement with time.

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